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About us

The running of the Polish National Cancer Registry was indicated as the task of the National Institute of Oncology - National Research Institute in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 17, 2018 (Journal of Laws, item 2153).

The Polish Cancer Registry (PCR) is the oldest medical registry in Poland (the first legal act on cancer reporting was established in 1952). The PCR is a register covering the largest population in Europe. The PCR is a member of international organizations: the European Network of Cancer Registers  and the International Association of Cancer Registers.

The registry is a comprehensive tool for monitoring the cancer burden of the Polish population. Thanks to the data from the register, it is possible to provide a long-term evaluation of the health programs and strategies, to assess the impact of preventive programs towards early cancer detection on morbidity and mortality trends, and to assess the effectiveness of health care and treatment. Based on the data from the registry, it is possible to build and verify hypotheses regarding the impact of risk factors on the population (ecological studies). Data from the PCR can also be used to build measures for the evaluation of health care in Poland and to evaluate them in the long-term persective.


How it works?

The eKRN+ system allows for connecting all cancer registries in Poland into one coherent system. That enhances system capabilities and allows for consistent management of statistical information on every type of cancer.

The flow of KRN

Our structure

The organizational structure of the cancer data collection system consists of the Polish Cancer Registry and 16 Voivodeship Registration Offices. The data is collected in one common database, and the task of the Voivodeship Cancer Registration Offices is to supervise the quality and completeness of data in a given voivodeship. The team of the PCR and Voivodeship Registration Offices consists of about 70 employees.

The strengths of the Polish Cancer Register are the knowledge and skills of the entire staff, as well as the population character of the register.

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